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About Us

Busidate is a web-based company created to provide single business professionals a place to meet, interact and find someone special. How many times have you heard the phrase ..."there aren't enough hours in a day?!" If you are a single professional your time is precious. With deadlines to meet and the stress of trying to find time to make social acquaintances pressures can become overwhelming. Busidate is here to help.

With so many dating websites out there why should you choose Busidate? Busidate is unique. We cater to no-nonsense professionals who want the ability to find what they are looking for with advanced search and match functionality. But then the Busidate team decided that wasn't enough. What is the biggest drawback to dating sites? You can join for "free" but then you can't really do anything but look. No more. Free should mean free so now you can join Busidate with a special full membership that allows you to do everything - AT NO COST! All you have to do is remain a member of our BusiDaters email group. Sound fair enough? However, since we know you like options, we also have paid options as well with no advertising. Either way, it is always up to you.

The Busidate team developed this concept by understanding the time-consuming environment and lifestyle of career oriented singles. How do you balance work and relationships? It can be difficult but here at Busidate we want to help make the transition from having no time to having the time of your life as seamlessly as possible with no risk to you.

The purpose of Busidate is not only to enrich you personally, and maybe even assist you professionally, but to enable you to create the life you deserve. Because at Busidate we want you to "Play as Hard as You Work"!

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